The Largest Aluminum Monohull Vessel Finshed Sea Trail

Recently, the aluminum mono-hull high-speed passenger vessel "SANYAWAN" with 54-meter length and 268-seating built by Aulong for BlueSeaJet has successfully completed the sea trial, and its operating parameters have reached and surpassed original design goals.

The vessel is the first all-aluminum mono-hull high-speed passenger vessel operated by three-engine and three-propeller hybrid propulsion in China , and it is also an aluminum mono-hull high-speed passenger vessel with the largest principle dimensions in China. The designed length overall is 54 meters and the breadth moulded is 9.8 meters with the passenger capacity of 268. During the sea trial, its performance was excellent. Maximum speed was 29.3 knots and cruising speed was 27.8 knots. Vibration and noise were lower than standards. The ability to resist wind and waves was strong. These will effectively improve comfort of passengers.

"SANYAWAN" is the first domestic civil passenger-vessel with a twisted rudder. Compared with ordinary rudders, twisted rudders can generate additional thrust to absorb the wake kinetic energy of propellers, boosting energy saving and contributing to an increase in speed. 

After "SANYAWAN" is put into operation, it will become a new benchmark of water transportation and tourism in Hainan, helping the establishment of Sanya's three-dimensional transportation network, and further promoting the development of the marine cultural tourism industry.


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