Congratulating Aulong on the smooth commencement of building of Six wind farm support vessels

Recently, Aulong held a first plate cutting ceremony to celebrate the nice and successful commencement of building Six wind farm support vessels for Fujian Offshore Wind Operation and Maintenance Service Co.,Ltd.

The six wind farm support vessels started building are displacement catamaran high-speed vessels with double-engine, double-propeller and double-rudder. The overall length is 19.99 meters, the beam moudled is 8.4 meters and the depth is 2.8 meters. Design speed is greater than 16 knots. After the delivery, it will be mainly used for daily operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms in coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong.

This is a fairly large batch of shipbuilding orders of wind farm support vessels domestically in recent years, which is of great significance to Fujian Offshore Wind Operation and Maintenance Service Co., Ltd. Aulong will consider customers’ worries and problems, trying its best to deliver high-performance and reliable wind farm support vessels to the owner on schedule, so as to develop wind farm operation and maintenance better and faster.


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