Aulong Delivers the First Wind Farm CTV to CECEP

Aulong Shipbuilding is proud to annouce the delivery and departure from Zhuhai of its latest wind farm CTV, Rongxing 096. The vessel will operated in Yangjiang, Promote the development of offshore wind power industry in Guangdong. This is also CECEP's first Wind Farm CTV. CECEP now it is the only central enterprise whose main business is energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, and it is the largest science and technology service industry group in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection in China.

This vessel is an 32.3m aluminium catamaran. The vessel is powered by Tow diesel engines driving Two propeller.Rongxing 096 achieved over 25 knots during speed trials. The vessel is designed according to the sea state of the South China Sea and has good maneuvability, seakeeping and wind and wave resistance, which can meet the requirements of wind power operation and maintenance under complex sea conditions and the transportation of personnel and materials.

As a leading brand in the field of aluminum alloy vessel in China, in recent years, Aulong Shipbuilding, relying on the industry's leading aluminum alloy vessels research and development, design and construction technology, has accelerated the layout of special application scenarios of high-end vessels represented by wind power operation and maintenance ships, and built diversified, high-end and professional high-performance aluminum alloy vessels.


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