Aulong Delivers the 30M CAT-SWATH to Sanxia Group

Recently, The 30-meter CAT-SWATH dual-mode wind power operation and maintenance ship "三峡运维 001" was successfully deliveried. The ship is the first CAT-SWATH dual-mode wind power O&M ship invested and built by Sanxia Group, and is also the first ship own bySanxia Group. It will serve the wind farm under the Jiangsu Sea area ofSanxia Group, and promote the offshore wind power O&M ofSanxia Groupinto a new era.

"三峡运维 001" is an all-aluminum alloy structure, with a total length of 32.5 meters, a width of 11.6 meters, a depth of 5.3 meters, and a speed of 25 knots. It is a dual-mode high-speed composite small waterline catamaran with both rapidness, seakeeping, comfort and safety. In addition to the advantages of small waterline catmaran and the advantages of the application scenario of dual-mode condition conversion, the ship adopts the waterjet as the main propulsion, with the single-handle vector control system, and the design of the first side push and the convex point of the bow, which effectively improves the success rate and operation and maintenance efficiency of the wind tower top lean operation, and greatly broads the operation window period. 

In recent years, historic achievements have been made in energy development with wind power as a prominent representative. Wind power has become one of the important clean energy sources in our country, which provides strong support for the implementation of the national strategy of "Marine power". Jianglong Shipbuilding and its subsidiary Aulong Shipbuilding combine with market demand, give full play to the construction advantages of high-performance boats, and have realized the mass and professional construction of offshore wind power operation and maintenance ships, which provides an important guarantee for the development of offshore wind power industry in our country.


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