Aulong Delivers the 30M Wind Farm CTV to Guangdong Hongmao Shipping Company

Recently, The 30M Wind Farm CTV was successfully deliveried. 

The vessel is the first steel and aluminum composite Wind Farm CTV built by Aulong and will be used for daily operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms in Guangdong in the future. Yu Junming, Vice General Manager of Guangdong Hongmao Shipping Co., Ltd. and Wang Guangrong, General Manager of Aulong, attended the delivery ceremony.      

The vessel is a catamaran, steel and aluminum composite structure, with an overall length of 30 meters, a width of 9.8 meters,Each vessel is propelled by two engines and two propellers and could reach the design speed of 18 knots.

The vessel is a combination of the successful experience of Aulong Shipbuilding wind power operational ship, and carries on the optimization according to the characteristics of the guangdong area, reduces the hull in the wave motion response, good seaworthiness, seakeeping, quickness, maneuverability and safety, can significantly improve the efficiency of offshore wind power operations, to further promote the specialization level of domestic wind power operational ship industry, to provide a stronger security guarantee for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind power.

In recent years, China has vigorously promoted energy transformation and green development, and the offshore wind power industry has seen rapid development.

As a leading bruand in the field of domestic aluminum alloy boats, Aulong relying on its rich R&D, design and construction capabilities of aluminum alloy boats, has accelerated the layout of high-end boats with special application scenarios represented by wind power operation and maintenance boats, and built a number of high-end and specialized special operation boats including the first CAT-SWATH dual-mode wind power operation and maintenance boat in China.

                                “三峡运维 001”The 30-meter CAT-SWATH dual-mode Wind Farm CTV

                                                                                                       "CECEP" Wind Farm CTV

                                                                          Aluminum Wind Farm CTV Serie


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