Aulong Shipbuilding Awarded a Contract to Build Two 32m Wind Farm CTV for HongMao Shipping again

In just one week, Aulong Shipbuilding signed another contract with HongMao Shipping for two 32m Wind Farm CTV again.    

Up to now, the cooperation projects between the two parties have reached 6, which not only reflects the high trust of customers for Aulong Shipbuilding, but also further enhances the brand influence of Aulong Shipbuilding in the field of Wind Farm CTV operation and maintenance ships.

The ship is classified by CCS classification society, with an all-aluminum alloy catamaran structure, overall length of 32.8m, width of 10.0m, double engine and double propeller propulsion, maximum speed of 25kn.

The ship is designed according to the sea conditions in Guangdong, with good maneuverability, wave resistance and wind and wave resistance, and can meet the wind power operation and maintenance operations as well as personnel and material transportation under complex sea conditions.

As a leading brand in the field of domestic aluminum alloy boats, in recent years, relying on the industry's leading research and development, design and construction technology of aluminum alloy boats, Aulong has accelerated the layout of Wind Farm CTV and other special application scenarios of high-end boat models to create diversified, high-end, specialized high-performance aluminum alloy boats.

                                                        Guangdong Hongmao Shipping Company 32M Wind Farm CTV

                                                                 “三峡运维 001”The 30-meter CAT-SWATH dual-mode Wind Farm CTV 

                                                                                          "CECEP" Wind Farm CTV

                                                                       “福建海电运维 ”  Aluminum Wind Farm CTV Serie  


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