Serving the offshore wind power industry丨Aulong Shipbuliding signed a 33m series of wind farm CTV project with CCCC Haifeng Wind Power

Recently, Aulong Shipbuliding, subsidiary of Jianglong Shipbuliding (stock code: 300589), signed a 33-meter series wind farm CTV project with CCCC HAIFENG WINDPOWER DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.

Taking this opportunity to further enhance the brand influence of Aulong Shipbuliding in the wind power CTV market and help the development of offshore wind power industry.

General Manager Wang Guangrong said that Aulong Shipbuilding is a leading enterprise in the domestic high-performance aluminum alloy ship industry.

relying on the industry's leading construction technology and techniques, and has successfully developed all-aluminum alloy high-speed passenger ships, passenger ro-ro vessels, wind farm CTV and other products, and has broken industry records for many times.

Aulong Shipbuilding will continue to adhere to the concept of "customer-oriented" and complete the construction of this project with high quality and efficiency.

The ship is classified by CCS classification society,  overall length of 33.2m, width of 10.0m, maximum speed of 24kn.The ship adopts high shape and deep design, has good maneuverability, seakeeping and wind and wave resistance, 

Can meet the complex sea conditions of offshore wind power operation and maintenance operations as well as personnel and materials transportation.

In recent years, combined with the development needs of the domestic wind power industry, Aulong Shipbuilding has continuously opened up the special operation boat market represented by wind power operation and maintenance ships.

And achieved mass construction, effectively improving the professional level of the domestic wind power operation and maintenance ship industry, and providing a strong security guarantee for offshore wind power operation and maintenance operations.


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